So sitting here watching friends and thought i should update.

Nothing new going on here, me and jack still homeless and still searching and being knocked back by everything :(. I am trying to stay hopeful we will get a place coz well i need to be for jack. Things will pick up i know this just the waiting is killing me.
I have decieded i am gunna go talk to department of housing and see if they might be able to get us a house, i am still gunna hit the real estates up of course and a few friends have offered me and jack a room at there new plcae while we need something but it means going back to windsor and sharing a house with friends and no idea how i would go... but i am gunna go talk to them tonite and try and figure stuff out and see when me and jack can go for a trial run coz well with jack it is needed and i am not sure the 3 of them can handle him so time will tell i guess.

Ummmmm what else........on tuesday had to take my lil betsy boo to the mechanic and get a new alternator but she is running fine agian YAY.Still need to get me some new locks coz well franklly me and jack r sick of having to climb through the boot to unlock the doors.Stoopid people trying to break into my car grrrrrr.

Well my lil dr who is turning 5 VERY soon AHHHH i am a lil freaked out i am going to have a real lil boy, so the plan for his big day is to head down to nepean river round 9 and spend alll day there so people can come down and see "the dr" LOL and we can have some food and he can play alll day with the play ground and kids who come see him he is very excited with this plan as am i. It means not spending a butt load of money and i know he will have a good day and i am thinking of making him a tartus cake... i will see how i go anyways hehehe. I have NO idea what to buy him he knows i am broke so he isn't asking for to much and that isn't helpful when people say what should i get him and then i have to say i have no idea what i am getting him lol.

So my lil man as much as we have been in each other pockets the past few weeks we have gotten alot closer of late which i am loving.We r starting to get each other alot more and i feel very close to my lil guy. Jack makes me so proud on a daily basis as much as he can be such a cheeky brat he is growin up to be an amazing lil person and i know he is going to be a great man one day!He makes me proud to be his mum everyday and i know when i have more kids down the tack he is gunna be a great big brother specially the way he is with aidy.I think before his b'day i am gunna post pics of him fro when he was a bub to now, the difference is amazing but at the same time he looks like the same kid LOL, he is sooo gorgeous though i know i am his mum and i think that but yeah and he has such a loving personality too.
I have also been thinking bout jack and school and i am gunna start looking into it YAY, he will probly be going next year which i am releaved about... he still hasn't had his evaluation but he has improved alot the past month and a bit and i think he will be ready and he keeps going on bout big school.

well i am gunan go