Hey there, SO some of u r r probly wondering where i have been.. well atm i am staying with some friends and there is no net there so i am barely checking anything of late, which sux coz man do i miss the net. So i apoligse for missing every ones posts and i am try8ing to catch up when i get the chance to touch the net.

So still no new house for me and my lil man and it is starting to takes it's toll. Like it is wonderful my friends r letting me stay with them but i am walking on egg shells coz i don;t wanna piss anyone off and trying to keep jack calm and quite of a nite time is a HUGE challange and trying to keep him out of there stuff aswell.One good thing is i picked up my cat i love having him around again and he actually missed me YAY.
My plan is i am gunna go talk to department of housing tomorrow and see if they might be able to help me out with a house coz man do i need it, i can't live in a shared house with epople that aint family with jack it makes life to hard and stressful for everyone involved plus i am that independant and i am used to doing everything on my time and by my rules but living with non family people well that just throws me right off and jack some what, like it is a great for now plan living with them but it can;t go on forever which none of us want anyways.I am still house hunting but still not getting anywhere which is driving me nuts!!!

Not much else has been happening just starting to plan jacks b'day and figure out a few lil presents to buy him but i will see how i go really.

better run love u all *hugs*