Thought it was time for a post.....
So a bit has been having a couple weeks ago had a friends camping/wedding which was soooo fun apart from a bit of rain and mud hehe.
Camping the nite was fantastic was so chilled even got a lil tipsy and chatted to a very nice cute guy *giggle*. The wedding was beautiful well what i saw of it seeing as jack decided he was gunna be a poo through it!He even picked up and axe *shakes head* but he was good after woulds so YAY.
The weekend after that had lil miss aaliyah's 3rd b'day party at feather dale was really cool jack fed the kangaroos and scared the crap out of the few of them LOL but he had a ball with the kids and especially aaliyah they were so cute together.
The sunday was my sisters b'day dinner at lonestar which was quite fun!!!

So been doing more house hunting even looking for me and nick to live together agian seeing as nothing hasn't come up yet.I also have 2 weeks and then i have to give up my kitty :( i really don;t wanna and the thought of not having him anymore makes me wanna cry but i get it,here's hoping something happens in the next 2 weeks!!!I feel something is just round the corner so hopefully i am right.

Of late i have turned around and realised i have lost a few friends and all of them i wonder what i did to be ditched and what not,no idea what i did to deserve any of it i have always tried to just help my friends but things happen and i have come to terms still just hurts a lil.
But speaking of friends sara was down from qld for 2 weeks and man was it awsome having her around miss her heaps!!!She comes back again in 9 weeks can't wait!!!!!

Ok gunna go might update more a bit later