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So i thought it was bout time that i updated!
not alot of good is going on for me right now, i KNOW things will pick up just waiting for it to happen.... I am currently (pretty much) homeless i am staying with my sister and her husband while i clean my old place and try and find myself a new one i don;t wanna stay here too long i don;t wanna out stay our welcome.Very lacking money right now more then normal i REALLY don't like it and i feel horrible not being bale to give ez and sprongll some money for food and that :(.
Registered my car today which w00t just had the money to pay for it but least i have a car i am can legally drive.. speaking of cars i got a msg off my brother this morning saying i had a flat tyre :( there was a screw in it i am guessing with all the moving stuff i ran over a screw but ez my lovely sister changed it for me so i was good to go.
I miss my kitty cat so much right now i miss his lil meows of a morning when he wants his food and cuddles in the middle of the nite can't wait to get my own place so i can get my kitty back but i know he is doin ok at my best friend jess's i just hope he is being nice to the other cats hehe.
So this sat i have steph and nads wedding which should be alot of fun i am really looking forward to it and going to wedding gives me hope in relationships so that is always good hehe.Will also be the last event sara is around for so gotta party it up lol and i aint driving home and i don;t have to worry bout jack till like lunch time the next day YAY.

So i have been thinking alot bout getting a job and what i wanna do with my life and i have decided i am gunna try for a hair dresser apprentiship or childcare trainee,if i go with childcare my plan is to see if i like it if yes then just stay if not do my dipolma in childcare and then head to uni which having those things means i can take like a year off uni to become a teacher... both sound great to me career wise so whatever job i get i will go with i figure i try for both and what one i get is what i am meant to to!!

I send my sorry to the people i haven't commented on of late i have been flat out but i am been trying to keep up when i can. Love u all hope u r all doing well send me good vibes if u can hehe.
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OK quick update bout the wedding and a few pics!!
SO was a great day very stressful but totally worth it,yes i cried a lil a few times but all happy tears hehe i cried more then most people LOL.All went smoothly pretty much whihc was great.
will do a better upadte tomorrow probly enjoy pics!!!

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So i was planning on doing a really big update but i just don't have it in me so i will do as much as i can hehe.

My weekend was great had a jack free nite friday i ended up at daves for dinner and then we went and saw his parents friends...Sat morning heading inot penrith dropped dave off and headed home to pack... Got dropped off at the train station and so the hens nite began, our hotel room was AMAZING!!! i sooo wanna go back and for the first time staying in a hotel i am impressed hehehe. We all hung out and slowly got ready.Our first stop for the artful hen, it is a life drawing class hehe yes naked man it was pretty fun showed ho much i suck at drawing though hehehe and the guy wasn't to bad lookin either LOL. Our second stop was the retro a club that had a few levels which there was kareoke,80's,90's we had food and kareke and then headed to the 80's level which was awsome song after awsome song, there were there loser guys harrassg us but ezz was awsome and got them kicked out YEAHHHHHH we all had a blast ez got a lil upset a few times through the nigh which was understandable and my best feiend jess ended up egtting kciked out fcoz she was too off her face and she ended up puking on the side of the road and i had 2 rather crappy taxi drivers but they were the only things that were bad so we did really well for the nite!

No new news on a new house but hopefully soon seeing as apprently the papers r being signed for this place on thursday but it is wait and see atm but still i am sure something will happen for us soon.

So 11 days till my sisters wedding i know OMG!!!! i still need to buy a few lil things but genrally i have everything sorted which yay!

ok gunna go byeee
So that time of the month to updtae agian hehehe.
Lots going on atm, 3 1/2 weeeks till the wedding!We have been given 6 week notice to move out and dave is going through some medical stuff.

So yeah wedding in bout 3 1/2 weeks still lots to buy and do but it is all lil stuff which thank god! This sat we have the kitchen tea whihc should be fun will just be lil but still, then next sat nite hens nite YEAHHHHHHH should be a great nitre just hope it aint too cold seeing as am wearing a dress and my strappy wedges just make sure i have a jacket and i should be ok. I have booked all my hair appointments and my eye brow wax and i am rying something dsiffrent and getting my eye lashes tinted for the wedding! i am a lil scared but i am nsure they will look great seeing as i have such long eye lashes. All i have left to buy is my underwear,jacks shoes,there wine glasses and cake cutter and server and then i will have bought everything YAY!!

Yes the house has finally sold well kinda..... seems the papers haven;t been signed yet and a few other lil things but we r still trying to get ot of here fast! coz the papers will be signed very soon and really we both wanna get out of here and be able to start up with our lives again.i have applied for a few places and looking at se here and there just hard when everthing is appointment only but hopefully we will get somehting soon *fingers crossed*.

So the whole dave thing is scarey atm... next week he has to go for an mri and a tc scan and for all we know they r gunna find a tumor in his brain... it is all wait and see but i know he is freaing out so doesn't help me be calm bout the whole thing not sure what is gunna happen if they find something but i guess that is wait and see atm. We r doing ok atm going through a few perosnal issues with being single for so long but we have had a few big talks and thigs r pikcing up which yay.

So last thursday i proved to be one lucky lil lady! I was waiting for my mum to pick me up from the plaza and when i hoped in the car i left pone of my bags behind with my wallet it in and yes i had taken out all my money and also had my brothers keycard in it :o and i was picking my car up from the mechanic! So cried ALOT and came home and cancled ards and stuff and i get a call from the video shop in penrith asing if i lots ,my keys coz the cops had rung him... so i jumped in the cra and on thw way to the cop shop i got a call so i pulled over and it was a cop telling me that a lil old lady handed my walet in and ALL my money was still in there :o so i have her address and i am gunna send a card with some money in it. But yeah best day ever i am still so shocked i got one of the only decent people find it and to boot my chocolate was still in the bag LOL.

So i am trying to figure out what i wanna do for a job and i have 2 choices in mind but not sure what path to take... so the options r primary school teach like k-3 or becoming a counciller for pregnant women not exactly sure how to get to that point but i am gunna ask around and stuff but yeah i know i could do both job.. and well i have been through quite alot when it comes to pregnancy and babies and such and the moment i met my counciler when i was pregnant with jack i thought wow that is something i could do coz i love to help but at the same time i know i could teach lil kids alot so yeah i am just not sure whihc way to go gunna ask around at tafe and uni and try and pick before next year! if anyone has any advice or anything let me know plz!!!

So update on my lil man, first of al OMG he is growin up so fast!!!He is sleeping better whihc YAY and intrun he is being better behaved and alot easier to deal with.He is totally obsesssed with dr who atm he even got his hair cut like him well kinda LOL but still he is eve getting lil converse like the dr for the wedding coz he has a suit like the dr rofl i know obsessed he would seriously watch it 24/7 if allowed LOL. But like i said he is doing muc better and him and dave r finally starting to bond slowly but getting there whihc makes me happy coz i was worried for a lil bit.4 months till he turns 5 :o i can't beieve he is turning 5 seems just yesterday he was just learning to walk an was turning 1 heheh.i will be chnagin his child care soon and putting him in pre school s he will be rady for primary next year i want to cry coz he will be going but i alos lovehe is getting older nad we have have more indepth converstations LOL. before i know it he will be finishing high school and starting his life heeh.

well gunna go
So i have wanted to update for a while but now i have the chance i don;t have anythin to write down even though i really have aot going on in my head and would love to talk to someone... not just gor 15 mins but actual talk and all that jazz but everyone is always so busy not sure where to go.....
well gunna go hmmmm
So monday nite me and jack crawled into bed at bout 10... 11:30 or there about jack wakes up crying next to me and could barely breath seeemed like he was chocking or something but i knew he wasn't his asthma was just that bad he was still like an hour or bit off having his puffer next.I tried to give him the puffer but he just couldn't do it os i chucked him in the car and off to the hosptial it was, min u though all of this he was calling out for his daddy :( i know it is only coz he wasn't the one making jack try and do stuff he couldn;t and all but still that hurt a lil.
We got there just after 12 we did the normal and then was let right in the nurse had a look at him told her bout the nite before and then she took us to a bed in the back of emergency and he was put on the nebuliser.They then waited bout 10 mins came and checked his chest it still wasn;t good so bout another 5 mins they put him on the neb again then the check still not good they waited 15 mins and on the neb again.He was doing better after the 3rd one they came in check on him bout 20 mins later gave him this asthma steriod thing and checked his temp and that he was a temp of almost 39 not good so they gave him some panadol to try and lower it then she gave him a rehydtating ice black didn;t like it much so didn;t have alot.They checked him again and he was wheezy and stuff just under an our of his last neb so they decied he was gunna start having it hourly he was doin ok just very tierd and whingey and just wanted to go home,a dr came in and had a ook at jack and said hourly was the way to go and that she had talk to a ped and that he was to be admitted to the kids ward.So a nurse came in and aid after his next neb he was to go up to the kids ward.... well this time jack didn't want it so me and the nurse had to physically hold him down to have it so i started crying coz it was so painful to do and watch but after a while h calmed down and held it himself... the nurse was saying to me u can;t cry it wil make it worse WTF i almost snapped and yelled at her bout saying it but i dind't.... so after his neb and while we waited to be transfered to the kids ward jack fell asleep thank god it was bout 4:30. We got wheel chaired up to the ward at bout 4:45 and jack got put in a bed and was instantly asleep again they checked his things and then chucked him on the neb again they set me up so i could have a sleep on the parent bed only got bout 30 mins of sleep coz i was so worried bout him....
Got up bout 6 sent some msgs and made some fone calls to people bout jack and then just sat at his bed side and watched him sleep bout 2 hours afcter his last neb they put a spacer on him and gave him ventolin puffer and i was informed that he was now gunna be put on 2 hourly ventolin.Bout 9 a dr came in and woke him GRRRRRR fucking GRRRRRRR and checked him out and said that he was to take the steriod stuff for the next 2 days and if he improves through the day we can go home at some point.So bout 10 my sister got to the hospital YAY someone to talk to!! also they play theripist bought in some puzzles for jack to play with so that kept him entertained most fo the day he also befriended the 8 year old irl across from us.so time passes the nurses would come in check his obs and give him his spacer... he was eventually out onto 3 hourly it got to bout 4 when he was due and a nurse came in and said if he could wait till 4 hours there is a big chance he could go home YAY so he makes it till then they give him ventolin and then i hear nothing....ez had to leave so was just me and jackie agian but was ok we had this cool starligh tv thingy to watch so we snuggled up on the bed and watched scooby doo well some of it i fell asleep fpor bout 15 mins and jack was just out of it till bout 6 when i woke him up to have some jelly and pink milk then he was back out of it!Mum and peter showed up bout 6:30 whihc god it was nice to have someone else to talk to but me and mum kept asking the nurse when we would know what was going on.Mum and peter stayed with jack while i went to get some food seein as all i had eaten was some hospital food and that was it so got back up to the room and just befor muma nd peter left i was told i wasn;t seeing a dr till 8:30 and if he is ok we can leave at 9 WTF we should have known something just after 5 but noooooo.So just before 8 a nurse came in and asked had we seen a dr i told her what i was told and she looked puzzled she said i will go check what is going on 5 mins later she came back in and then in followed the dr they checked jack and said we could go home i just had to follow a plan the dr explained it to me and we just waited till we got the stuff to go home... so we ended up leave just after 8:30 i think it was and omg soooooooooooo happy to be leaving.Got home jack jack his ventolin and then off to bed for me seing as in like 2-3 days i had gotten maybe 6 hours sleep all up :( i honest to god had never been that tierd since i actually had jack it was mentally and physically draining and i still haven't propley cried since it happend so when i do eventually cry it is gunna be a long process!!!
So today jack is doin better still a lil way to go but still good!he had had his steriods for the day and he is bout to have his ventolin again......
So yeah that is what has been happening in my life hope vereyone is doing better then me and jack
peace out
OK so here it is an actual big update i will start with the long weekend shall i...
So Thursday jack had a easter thing at his school me,my sister and my mum ended up there mum din;t sta a long time but still jack was so excited first time anyone other then me has actually come along, me and ez got there and to our huge shock he was waiting to get his face painted :o he has never done that before so we all got excited bout it and he looked so cute he was an easter bunny i will put pics up when i can hehhe.So when we were done there went to parklea to drop ez off then went home for bit and then i stupidly thought i would get food shopping done for friday nite well that was VERY silly of me so me and jack wasted time driving around til we had to pick dave up once we did that back to out place and wait till later in the nite to actually do food shopping.8 comes and we head to coles in cambridge gardens it was still pcked but we needed the stuff so yeah got what we needed grabbed dinner headed home....
Friday was alot of cleaning and getting stuff ready for the party on sat.
Sat rolls around we go into penrith go to pick bbq stuf up but well raining so we didn't just grabbed chips,lollies,soft drink and booze headed home got some more stuff ready for the party and then i had to go pick daves lil brother tim up for the party.So thanx to all who came to the party it was such a good nite most people came whihc was awsome i got 3 very cool pressies, i got a pair of roxy cupcake slippers of mick and lynne,cookie maker/pipping bag type thing and a self mix moo cup and these awsome sadistic cookie man cutters(1 has no head,1 has a leg missing and the other has an arm missing LOL) most people drunk and everyone seemed to have had an awsome time i know i did.Didnd't get much sleep i stayed up with tim and watched some movies we both ended up falling alseep thought run fat boy run thought hehe.
Sunday woke up and headed to bridgets with jack for the anual egg hunt it was cute as always and liam was there too so cute stuff.After the egg hunt sat and talked with ezz,bridget bronnie and so on and then headed home,Got home gave jack the stuff i got him for easter and then i took tim home, got back here and sat for a lil bit coz i was buggered.Then sunday nite me and dave decied we would go to the easter show on monday so we thought it would be easier if we go stay at daves for the nite and his dad woukld dropp us at the show so back off to merrylands to stay the nite...... Well mr jack didn;t ended up sleeping till after 1 in the morning *cry* i was sooooooooooo tierd coz i hadn;t slpet well for a few nites before that so yeah daves mum and dad helped as much as they could but yeah it go to much even for them.
So monday up at 8 put around a bit and then get ready to go to the show, get get to the show about 10ish scope everything out i got a cheese on a stick YAY dave got jack a snow cone whihc he loved hehe and yeah scoped out the show bags and looked at the animals jack loved that he patted lil goats and stuff hehe.We meet up with bridget,ezz,stev and faith at 1 at the aquestrian stadium so we all had a bit of a time out and the kids got to see each other.We all decied to go see the food hallwhihc they had some cool stuff and my beautiful man got me pressie from one of the stalls mind u took me bout 2 hours to actually get the chnace to see what it actually was..... but yeah after that me split ways me dave and jack went ot the show bag hall and OMG!!!!! it was feral but jack got lucky in there he get an old school transformers,turtles and surfs up show bag and i got aidy a thomas one whihc he is gunna go mental for when he gets it hehe.Dave got the moove one and stewie griffin show bag i didn't get one coz i was running low on money so we got the train to parra and then a bus to daves place by this time i looked like death walking and aslo felt that way too dsve and jack were also rather buggered.Got back to daves and his mum took one look at me and said me and jack were staying agian coz there was no way they were gunna let me drive being that tierd.Thankfully jack feel asleep at 9 that nite so we all got some decent sleep and me and jack headed home on the tuesday when dave was at work......

Now for the weekend just gone
So friday arvo i pick P-man up from childcare dropped him at my sisters we chatted for a bit then off to parra i went.Looked around at some shoe shops target u know the usual shops got a awsome 500 recipe cookie book,a pair of pj's for eth and a sexy type nightie and under thing *giggle* so got to bout 5:30 and dave wasn't answering his fone was etting annoyed coz well everything was closing in parra.. finally got ahold of him round 5:50 and i ended up going to his place and we planned on meething there instead.So got there and i ended up walking down to the shops with daves mum mary, so we had a bit of a chat and such and walked back to there place.Me and dave had planned to go out somewhere for dinner but something happened but we decied to go for a drive to woolies get some choccie and then we stopped at nando's and had dinner there was ok but nothing to flash but still we had tried it,after dinner went back to daves and went to bed :D
Sat morning got up at bout 8:30 got dressed and such and headed to parra so dave could get some stuff he needed for work and wanted to look for a new fone.... we got the work stuff done but the fone was a no go, drove back to penrith picked jack up went to the plaza and then to nepean square and i got stuff to cook dinner that nite and headed home.We got home and i pretty much started cooking coz ez,ezz and sprongll were coming over for dinner.I ended up cooking sweet potato pie,roast potatos,peas and corn and crumbed chickeni crumb my chickend with bread crumbs,garlic and parmesan cheese YUMMMM) we ate we chatted it was a good nite.
Sunday we got up bout 10 and headed to parklea dave was still on the hunt for shoes whihc no luck there almost luck at blackown but yeh so headed back to my place and then i drove him to parra westfields and me and jack came home coz i was buggered!!!Me and nick ended up talking for like 4 hours whihc was cool felt like i hadn;t spoekn to him for ages and that is kinda bad seeing as we live together.... ended up in bed at 12 and then yeah 4:15 jack woke upand hen that is when the whole asthma thing happened.

Jack seems to be doing a bit better having afew issues getting him to actually have his puffer but he is very over it whihc i get i have been trough it! i just hope it doesn;t get worse tonite will be the test with the cold!
So gunna go try and update pics soon!
*peace out*