So i will start with jacks 3 day b'day hehe. So thursday nite i made bright green and bright blue cupcakes with the oppisite colour icing on them for school on friday for him to take.I picked him up friday arvo and turns out the lil wierdo hadn't told anyone his b'day was coming up so they had to check the b'day list to find out who they were for LOL i was rather shocked coz he had not told anyone heheh so not my child!But apprently the cupcakes went down well and jack loved them so YAY.
Early sat morning i got kicked out of my bed by jack at 3:30 *shakes fist*So was up at 7:20 to get stuff for sandwiches for jacks party, got everything done and headed down to nepean river set the gazebo up and all the blankets and stuff.Everyone started turning up and the fun began!!We had lots of food the kids played at the park and many words were spoken.Jack got lots of pressies whihc he loved every single thing specially from grandad,nana and aidy coz 99% of his stuff was dr who LOL and his b'day was complete coz he got his lazer screwdriver from poppy and nanny he got some games and some clothes.Jacks cake i made it a tardis from dr who which he loves it was vanilla,chocolate and orange square cakes stacked up and then butter cream icing and fondant on top of that.So everyone had a great day but was exhausted by the end of the day.Got some great pics which i will post a lil later once they r on my computer and i am SOOOOO happy i got a pick of all 6 kids!!!
So sunday morning was his actual b'day i got nice cuddles in the morning and then i gave jack his pressies i got him toy story pairs game,bumble bee transformer,spiderman kite,shirt that says :caution i do my own stunts:,some really cool 3/4 pants,2 dr who figurens whihc was a sunturan and the master and once i see a friend get his last figuren whihc is martha jones and i know he will like it hehehe.So then it was off to uncle nicks for a while coz i had a bridal shower to go to,after that picked him up came home for a bit then it was off to aunty erie's for some kfc and ice cream cake with clearly aunty erie,uncle nick,aunty ez and uncle sprongll and well me ehehe.Was a good nite ate way to much but jack had a ball we also played his new board game whihc he loved!! he also got some great dr who books from aunty erie,money box and a few other lil things.So all in all jack had a great b'day and he even got a call from his long lost aunty kylie which was great coz i got to talk to my lil neices too YAY.

In other news still no house :( even started looking at 1 bedroom places we r getting that desperate but hopefully something will come up VERY VERY soon.There r so many things i want out of my storage too but it is burried and god knows where it is.I have also deiced i aint gunna be nice to the real estate people seeing as they keep screwing me over with places so i am gunna say stuff from now on!

Everything else is pretty quite which i am loving, I have a wedding in a couple of weeks which should be fun we r camping out in the bush and the next morning is the ceremony it is gunna be really fun and so different i am really looking forward to it!!I am also bring jack which is cool we can camp for the first time together hehehe.

Since me and jack have been homeless i have noticed the past couple of weeks how much more of a bond we have developed and that gives me warm fuzzy feelings and it is great me and jack understand each other alot more we don't jump the gun when we say something that could be taken out of context when it used to be that way.We r doing alot more together and he doesn't wanna jump into the arms of someone else most for the time i know that sounds a lil i know but jack would instantly run to one of his aunties or uncles but now we have an understanding of each other and we respect each others space alot more now.We have a really good mummy and jack balance now.Also jack is def going to primary school next year which i am so excited bout coz he has just blossomed over the past few months he is just grown like nothing else he is def a 5 year old though and i love it.I love watching him grow and learn everyday and i like the stage he is at now u can have a conversation with him,play games with him go out and it not be that much of a drama.I have been looking at things alot more of late and seeing who and what is really important to me I think everything over the past 3 months or so have been a big learning curve for me and jack as shitty as things have been and how many people we have been putting people out but it has brought us alot closer and has shown me who my true friends and family r.Jack has/is turning into such lil man i am so proud to be his mum!

Ok some of u may already know what happened bout when me and jack went and stayed with some friends but i wanted to have a lil rant here if u don't mind.
Bout a month give or take ago we went and stayed with "friends" erin,robert and mikeal(mikeal wasn't around all that much mind u).So me and jack were sharing a room at there place things seemed to have been going ok asked them all if it was cool for us to stay and we got the green light so i went and picked marshall up from my best friends place.Bout 2-3 weeks ago i didn't go back to that house on the sunday nite was easier as i went out that nite and jack was at mums, so monday morning i get a msg from robert saying can u plz ring me... well apprenrtly the landlord went nuts bout me and jack being there and all this other crap bout i was only meant to be there a few weeks (which we were only there a few weeks) and that if we didn't leave by the end of the week they all get kicked out, so i msged my 3 sisters and ez and ezz rung me going wtf so told them the story and they both said it sounded like bull crap,the more i thought bout it the more i agreed.My sister let me and jack come back to her place so i was out of there by tuesday arvo neither erin or robert asked what i was going to do hell erin ignored me the monday nite and robert claimed he lost his job(turns out he didn't).Trivia that nite i was only there for 10mins then had to leave to get jack he was sick but neither of them talked to me which fine by me.......Nick and sprongll borrowed a mates ute to pick up the mattress's me and jack were using there and robert told them that apprently jack put poo on the walls while we were staying there, COME THE F^*K ON!!!!! first of all my son gets poo on his hands he runs to an adult screaming get it off get it off and u have to wash his hands like 5 times before he is happy and thinks he hands r clean and second of all he is 5 he wouldn't do that he knows better then that!!he has never done anything like that in his life y would he start at the age of 5 seriously!!!Also when nick was telling me jack was around and instantly goes "mummy i didn't do that i really didn't,please believe me" he was almost crying coz he thought i didn't believe him.Also last tuesday at trivia i was asked if i had seen mikeals transformer dvd that jack had watched while we were there and then my sister informs me that he also asked if she had seen his firefly boxset in any of my stuff,WTF????? i aint no bloody thief and neither is my son so god knows what else they have been saying bout us.I am honestly done with those people i will say hi at events but that is it i wont say anything else after i have comfronted them bout all this stuff.but the wrost thing is they r ignoring my sister,best friend and most of the people in the gorup so they r just diggin there own grave when it comes to there friends.What pisses me off the most is i was gunna chuck erin baby shower and help with the baby any way i could but fat chance if i will even look at the baby when she has it! i don;t wanna talk to liars i did all of this through high school i am 23 for gods sake i am down with all that crap!!! so like i said i have been finding out my true friends and family... all my friends r being supportive and great love them all to bits!!!

well might run, i will post pics of the weekend soon!